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Tips for Aging Drivers to Avoid Collisions

October 24, 2019

If you are an elderly driver, keep in mind you are at a higher risk on the road than other people. But despite your age, it’s vital to remain cautious of your surroundings as you travel about. Practice makes perfect! Just because you have had a driver’s license for decades, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t heed the rules of the road or forget about your health. Put your safety first in order to avoid accidents, injuries, and collisions.

You have a significant advantage over younger generations, who face distractions by their smart phones, the radio, navigation systems and friends in the car. While you may be more focused while driving than the younger set, as a more mature driver, you still face other types of distractions, such as loss of hearing or difficulty reading signs. Shaky behind the wheel? Find another means of transportation in the interest of safety.

However, if you can still drive, and drive well, check out these tips:

  • Known and understand the latest traffic laws. As you get older, they tend to change over time in your state.
  • Staying physically active will boost your strength and flexibility when driving a motor vehicle. Keep up with regular exercises and eat healthy.
  • Know your limitations, making any necessary adjustments. It’s a good idea to have a passenger with you to share the responsibility of driving on a long road trip.
  • When possible, drive during the daytime and in fair weather. Quiet roads and familiar areas give you more comfort as well.
  • Plan your route out ahead of time to avoid getting lost or stressed.
  • Take a driving course designed for older people. You could get a discount on your car insurance by practicing your skills. Ask your insurance agent for more information on your policy.
  • Carefully read all road signs and signals to avoid hitting pedestrians or bikers. It’s vital to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Pull over to use your phone.

We hope these driving tips help you stay safe as you age. If an unfortunate accident does occur, seek medical attention, call your insurance company, then call us here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center. Learn about our six-step collision process here.

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