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Pre-Loss Condition “What is that?”

March 20, 2013

We are continuing in our series of discussions regarding what is owed to you by your insurance company after a claim. I have mentioned several terms and today I am going to discuss “Pre-Loss Condition.” My understanding of this term and what I discuss with my clients and insurance companies is the “1 second” prior to the event. The “Pre-Loss” is what you had prior to any damage occurring. That one second before impact. Your car was one thing and now it is not. You are owed for what it was, not what it will be.

What it will be is a repaired vehicle. We work hard to make the outside of the car as well as the unseen items, pre-loss. We want to make you and anyone looking at the car forget that it has been repaired. This is a tough task and just about impossible, but we make every effort to “erase” the damage. We are artist in a way. Each technician is gifted at taking an object apart and putting it back together. We can work almost miracles, but we can not make it new. A used car is not new. One is not owed “NEW” but pre-loss. In some cases you may get better than what you had. For instance your bumper was scratched on the left side, but now you are getting a new bumper due to an impact on the right side. That is an added bonus! We like those!

In the end, we work hard to share with you are expertise, to give you additional knowledge and to help you feel good about your vehicle and its value after the collision and the claim.You can always ask questions and get an honest free answer. It never hurts to ask. We will always guide you to a good result for you and what is best for your car.

Until next time, we are here to make you whole and back to pre-loss condition. -R

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