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Not All Automotive Paint Colors Are Created Equal

October 26, 2018

car-auto-detailingChoosing the best car paint color for your vehicle isn’t as easy as you would think. All auto paint colors are different in that they evoke different emotional responses and have varying degrees of maintenance. Most people foolishly choose a color of a car based on emotion over reason, logic or experience.

Going Deeper Than Simple Car Paint Colors

There are many variables that come into play when considering a car color. Heed these considerations before you allow your emotions to take over the process and avoid purchasing a car based on a color choice you may soon regret.


Nothing evokes thoughts of sleek luxury than a freshly cleaned and detailed black car. However, anyone who owns a black car will be the first to tell you how frustrating this color can really be. It’s one of the most common colors when it comes to vehicles and can be among the most visually dramatic when detailed properly.

However, it will bake in the sun because black attracts light. Not only will the exterior heat up, but the interior will too. Black also tends to show every nuance of flaws in the paint and it’s actually the hardest color to keep clean.

While black interiors hide dirt best, they tend to enhance superficial dirt such as dust, debris, and lint.


For many, white is the easiest of paint colors to maintain. In fact, it’s one of the easiest colors to own, making it into the top three for ease of maintenance. It not only hides dirt and grime well, it’s the most forgiving when it comes to heat and temperature factors. White vehicles typically come with light interiors in black, grey, or tan. Stay away from lighter interiors, as these will show actual dirt more.

But while it’s one of the most popular car colors, nothing picks up road grime kicked up by tires better than white.


There are many versions out there of this color, but this is actually the best overall because it basically resembles the color of dust. That’s why dust doesn’t show up until a pretty good layer has formed. Road grime is less noticeable and it’s just as forgiving when to comes to heat transfer thanks to its light color.

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