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Just Bought a New Car? Here’s How to Protect it From Dings

May 05, 2020


Dents and dings are a fact of life. They happen in the grocery store parking lot, at school, at work, out driving around, and just being parked on a side street. There’s not a whole lot you can do to completely prevent them from happening – especially when it involves weather such as hail storms that are out of your control – but you can be prepared for the unexpected and protect your new car from these common occurrences.

Sometimes these occurrences lead to the need for paintless dent repair. Here are some tips to avoid this in the first place.

Dings and General Body Damage

From runaway shopping carts to inconsiderate drivers that open their door right into yours when parking in the lot, there are many ways dings can occur. Prevention is key.

  • Park Away From Other Vehicles: It may seem inconvenient to walk such a long way, but park far away from a store front when shopping. Don’t squeeze in between other cars or park in a congested area. Give yourself a few spaces on either side if you can. Bonus: you’ll get your daily exercise hoofing it to the entrance.
  • Slowly Open Your Door: You may be in a rush, but take care to open your door slowly and be aware of all items around you. That could be a curb, another car, a pole, post, gas pump, railing or wall. When you go slow, you can prevent those unfortunate dents that arise from haste.
  • Educate Your Kids Around Cars: Kids don’t always keep the big picture in mind. They may not realize just how close your car is to their baseball playing area in the yard. They may not be the best judges of depth perception when riding their bikes around your truck. Teach them to be aware of the objects around them and to keep a respectful distance from vehicles when playing or opening doors next to others in the parking lot.

Preventing Car Dents Due to Hail

Hail damage can’t always be prevented, especially when it’s a last-minute storm that the meteorologist didn’t predict. For most insurance companies, hail damage is known as  an “act of God,” falling outside your basic coverage. Single claims due to hail damage shouldn’t affect your premiums at all, but if you’re a chronic abuser, you may be at risk for premium increases.

Hail commonly damages the hood, roof, trunk and windshield. Hail can be as small as a pea or marble or as large as a golf ball or softball, causing serious dings in your autobody.

  • Use Covered Parking: If a storm is in the forecast and you’re going shopping, park under a roof or in a garage. If parking while at home, always use your garage. This can protect you from unexpected hail as well as foul baseballs and bike dings from your kids.
  • Cover Your Vehicle: If you don’t have access to a garage at home, invest in a quality vehicle cover. The best covers can take the impact of 10 softball-sized hail stones at “terminal velocity.”
  • Get Comprehensive Coverage: If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, get it. Otherwise, you will have to pay out of pocket for hail damage. Your insurance company likely offers comprehensive options that cover anything from minor hail storms to trees that fall on your hood.

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If you do suffer from hail damage or dents due to car doors and baseballs, contact us in Dallas or Plano. We offer auto body repair and paintless dent repair services to get your car looking like new again.



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