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Inclement Texas Weather That Dents Your Car

May 01, 2020

With a vast landscape that includes mountains and peaks, as well as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the possibilities to have inclement weather here in Texas are endless. You never know when a hail, thunder or rain storm is going to pop up. Bad storms can be stressful as you worry about your safety and your home’s safety – adding damage to your car to the mix is just another layer of stress.

Paintless dent repair can fix the majority of hail pits and dents, while more comprehensive auto body repair may be needed for more significant damage. Here are just a few of the inclement weather events you should be on the lookout for.


While it’s unlikely your car will be struck by lightning, the damage that thunderstorms can inflict is such that it can greatly affect your car’s exterior. High winds can knock trees and power lines down, sending debris flying through the air. Hail the size of tennis balls is not uncommon in Dallas, and is consequently one of the most common sources of car dents.


Dallas is landlocked, so thankfully hurricanes aren’t high on our list of top concerns. However, this area isn’t impervious to dealing with some of the aftermath and residual effects of such a storm. In 1968, Hurricane Carla made contact near Port O’Connor, moving across North Texas with 60 mph wind speeds. Tropical Depression Cindy in 2017 brought severe weather as well.

In addition, if you go on a road trip near Galveston, TX, you’re putting your car at a higher risk for dents during tropical storm season.


Texas happens to have the highest average annual number of tornadoes in the nation. Even in an F1 category tornado, wind speeds can hit 112 mph. An F2 can lift cars off the ground. The wind speed and hail damage associated with tornados can result in some unwanted dents to your car.

As with any storm, your safety is of paramount importance. Recently, four people were killed and 50 others injured when a tornado touched ground in Canton, Texas. The damage to homes and cars is extremely high in these types of storms, but this is nothing compared with the lives that can be lost.

When inclement Texas weather hits, the first thing you should do is to get yourself to safety. Don’t try to move your car to a safer area or try to protect it from hail. Just get inside. You can always take your car for dent repair to your trusted local mechanic later on!

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