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How-To Guide: Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car

February 02, 2021


keep your car cool in the texas summer heat

The sun is the biggest enemy to our vehicles. Even if you have a garage to park your car in, you can’t avoid UV exposure when you’re driving around all day or when parked on the street or in a lot. Today’s autobody paint is quite good at fade resistance, but that doesn’t mean your car can’t experience gradual sun damage, both inside and out.

Dallas is no stranger to intense heat in the summer, which can do a number on your car’s exterior, dash and seats. So how can you prevent sun-related wear and tear? Here are some tips to follow.

Protect Your Dashboard

The dash gets the brunt of the sunlight during the day, with the sun’s rays magnified through the window. If you’ve ever touched your dashboard after getting in a hot car, you know how it can sting. There are some ways you can protect your dashboard from baking under the sun’s glare. You could park in the shade or in a parking lot, or be diligent about using your own garage. But you can’t always count on these conveniences. And even if you parked in a shady spot in the morning, it won’t always stay like that through the day!

The best way to protect your dashboard is to invest in a sun shade, which you can unfold and place underneath the length of your front windshield from the inside. It will reflect the UV rays away from the car so you don’t get into a stifling heat box after a long day’s work. So, sun shades pull double duty: they protect your car’s interiors from fading and they lower the interior temperature of the vehicle for optimal comfort.

Protect Your Seats

The sun’s UV rays can also harm your cloth and leather seats, causing fading or cracking over time. In order to protect the fresh color and condition of your seats, you’ll have to take some preventive measures. If you have cloth seats, you can benefit from adding some seat covers over them. These seat covers are removable, so you can wash them whenever they get dirty. Bonus: such covers not only protect your seats from experiencing fading or damage from the sun, they keep stains, crumbs and spills off them as well.

If you have leather seats, apply a leather protectant to them at least once yearly. This will restore the leather’s shine and luster, keeping them protected from the sun and anything else you can throw at them.

Protect Your Paint

Short of throwing a custom car cover over your vehicle whenever you park for any length of time, there’s little you can do to completely avoid the sun’s effects on your vehicle. But it’s important to note that UV rays break down the paint on your car, leading to fading or peeling over the years.

Yes, your autobody paint has built-in UV protection (and many advancements have been made over the years), but it’s not a magic solution and can’t guarantee some fading won’t occur.

To help things along, you can commit to parking in the shade whenever possible. Parking out of the way of direct sunlight, even for a couple of hours, will help. In fact, this can reduce your car’s interior temperature by 40 degrees, which adds to your comfort as well. If you have a garage, use it. If you have access to a parking garage or covered lot, opt for that rather than parking out in the middle of a sunny parking lot.

Lastly, the very best way to protect your car’s paint is to wash and wax it on a regular basis. Washing removes irritants and abrasives from your car, preserving the paint, while waxing acts as a protective layer for your paint job. Wash your car once a week or as needed and be sure to wax it every three months for optimal results.

If you get into a car accident and experience a dent or other damage, get the issue fixed right away. Scraped paint allows moisture in, which leads to rust. You will be doing your paint job and your car a favor by addressing autobody issues immediately.

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