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How to Get Rid of a Bumper Dent

August 27, 2019

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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a dent in your bumper, especially if it’s a teeny tiny fender bender in rush hour traffic, or even worse, if you come out from the grocery store to find a ding. Even the most careful driver will come across a bumper dent or two in their lifetime. While it’s impossible to avoid falling pine cones, stray softballs and shopping carts, poorly parked cars or pebbles that fly up and hit your car when on the road, you can do something about the resulting dent.

At first, you may think it’s best to save money and fix it yourself. But you’re always better off taking it to a professional for dent repair. They have the proper tools, patience and experience to know how best to remove the dent. You could risk doing more damage to the area and costing yourself more money over the long run if you decide to tackle this as a DIY job.

Here are some ways people have tried getting dents out of their bumpers and other areas, all of which are met with varying degrees of success. Perhaps you’ve even tried these in the past. Avoid these DIY approaches and bring it to us instead. They’re unpredictable and unsuccessful at best and damaging and dangerous at worst.


You may think that because you can unclog a drain with a plunger, you can also get out small- to medium-sized dents from your bumper. This method involves splashing some water on both the plunger and the dent, and pushing and pulling with a cup plunger until it pops out.

Boiling Water

Plastic bumpers are very stiff, and you need something pliable in order to work out a dent. To make it pliable, boil some water in a pot and pour it on the dent. Then, reach behind the bumper and pop the dent back in. The heat of the water should soften the plastic a bit, making it more flexible and easier to put back into place. You just have to act quickly, as the heat won’t last long. Use care when dealing with hot water.

Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

Heat the dent with a hair dryer on high, which should expand the plastic. When hot enough, turn the can of compressed air upside down and spray the area. The cold air will contract the plastic and encourage the dent to pop out.

Dry Ice

Don protective gloves, hold a piece of dry ice on the dent and rub it around the area until you hear the dent pop back into place.

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center

If you have no desire or patience to try the above, or you tried them and nothing worked, take your car to the professionals at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center. Contact us in Dallas or Plano for an appointment.

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