European Car Auto Body Repair

Hance’s Uptown is the Top Choice for European Car Auto Body Repair

If you need European auto body repair, there’s one company that stands out among the rest.

Here at Hance’s Uptown, we understand the appeal of these exquisite vehicles. There’s something special about them, especially aesthetically, that attracts drivers from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a fan of sleek-looking sportscars, luxury cars with mature body styles, or larger rides with tons of cargo space for frequent trip takers, European autos offer something for everyone.

But even the most highly revered autos from across the pond can suffer from aesthetic damage. If this happens to yours, you’ll be happy to know that our expert team has tons of experience working on the bodies of these beautiful machines.

Our Comprehensive Collision Repair Process

Even if you walk away from a collision unscathed, knowing your vehicle was damaged can cause you some serious stress. Seeing your high-end European road machine sporting serious damage is a very disheartening sight.

We aim to make the process of getting collision repairs much simpler. We do this via our 7-step process. This includes:

  1. Vehicle Drop Off
  2. Vehicle Check-In
  3. Damage Assessment 
  4. Body and Collision Repair
  5. Paint Refinishing 
  6. Reassembly
  7. Clean-Up Quality Control

This strategic set of steps ensures your European car gets auto body work in an orderly and efficient manner. No spec of damage will be skipped over, and everything from the metal to the paint will be fixed up so you can drive your Euro auto out with a sense of euphoria. 

We Also Offer Minor Body Work and Fixes

There are instances when your European car auto body repair needs may be small – but to us, every customer’s need is a big deal and will be treated as a matter of massive importance.

Let’s say the car is suffering from some simple paint chipping or fading. We can touch it up and even restore the original factory shade – which for anyone with a good eye and a good memory for their car, this fine detail will be greatly appreciated.

Other issues like minor dings from debris on the road or hailstorms can also take a bit of the luster off your luxurious European car. We can touch-up these sections, and even replace entire body panels if needed. No dent, scrape, or imperfection is too big or too small for Hance’s Uptown to handle.

What European Autos Do We Work On?

If you’re a driver of a European auto, you belong to an exclusive group that is excited by the European style of auto engineering. Something about that body contour, coloring, and the complete package makes them stand out even among great vehicles from other parts of the world.

We work on many models, including but not limited to Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

Also, we don’t just work on these vehicles – we’re fans of them as well. The chance to do body work on these is like the chance to create art with great automobiles as the canvas.

Additional Reasons to Get Euro Auto Body Work

European car auto body repair is something that people may put off – after all, some car owners are so protective of their vehicles they may worry about having them worked on. 

But taking the time to correct even the minor aesthetic flaws and body issues can provide many benefits for people who enjoy this type of car. Consider how body repair and touch-ups can help:

  • Owners who want to sell their prized vehicle soon and get the full value
  • Collectors who want to take their car to vehicle shows, exhibits, or festivals
  • Family-focused drivers who want to leave a pristine machine to their loved ones

Even if you aren’t taking it out on the road every day, there are plenty of good reasons to give your vehicle the love it deserves in the form of body work.

The Hance’s Uptown Difference in European Auto Body Work

As a group of professionals who have a passion for luxury cars and restoring them to their full glory, we’ve built a business around customer service excellence toward the drivers who own them.

A Company Based on Care and Consistency

We’re not a group of dealership mechanics who work under the direction of a corporate organization separated from the drivers who visit. Our locally owned and operated company works to cultivate a caring and courteous atmosphere at all times.

This is one reason why we have so many positive reviews. Another reason is that, in addition to doing top-quality auto work, we go above and beyond to show we care. One example of this is the valet service we offer, which includes pickup and delivery up to three miles out. 

A Legacy of Quality and Constant Improvement 

While we’re consistent in our mission to care for customers and their cars, we’re also dedicated to making steady improvements in our business. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been in business since 1955, and we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.

Our approach has also gave us so much confidence in what we do that we use this to give back to customers. Parts and services are backed by lifetime warranties, so even the most careful and concerned Euro auto owner can feel at ease when they bring their prized machine into the shop.

Hance’s Uptown: European Car Auto Body Work Made Easy

There’s a negative and incorrect stereotype about owning a European car in the United States. Some people say it makes it more difficult to get work done, especially in the style that does the vehicle’s original design justice.

As far as body work and aesthetics go, we make it easy. Whether you want us to replace bumpers and glass, pull dents and refinish paint, or replace panels and provide collision repairs, your vehicle is in the hands of technicians who know and appreciate the style of European autos.

Add in our competitive pricing, convenient hours, and courteous attitude toward all customers, and you have the perfect partner to help you maintain your Euro auto in pristine condition.

Ready to get the auto body repair your European car needs? Then contact us today – we’ll be happy to get you in the shop for an appointment that works with your schedule.

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