Coming soon, new Plano Location April 2020 – 1201 E Plano Pkwy

Coming soon, new Plano Location April 2020 – 1201 E Plano Pkwy

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Did You Know…


  • Did you know that you have the freedom to select the body shop of your choice to have your vehicle repaired?
  • Did you know that if you would like to leave your vehicle today, Hance Paint and Body can get you into a rental right now which will speed up the entire process?
  • Did you know that all repairs performed at Hance Paint and Body have a lifetime warranty on parts and painting?

What You Can Expect from Hance Paint and Body

Our 6 Step Collision Repair Process

Step #1:  Vehicle Drop Off

Upon arrival at our facility, the first step is to complete the drop off agreement form which allows us to collect your contact information, negotiate with the insurance company, and begin repairs on your vehicle.  If needed, we will also assist you in securing a rental car at this time.  We will provide you the best guess estimate as to a completion time, but please keep in mind that many factors can affect the date of completion.

As a general guideline, most small repairs take 3-5 working days and a large collision can take a month or more.  This does not account for delays in receiving parts, insurance issues, or highly difficult repairs.  Completing work quickly is important to all parties, but most important is a proper and safe repair that returns your vehicle to its pre-loss state.  We have been operating at a highly efficient manner for our small location for nearly 60 years!

Step #2: Vehicle Check-In

Next, we will “check your car in.” This process involves verifying the VIN number, mileage, and the license plate number.  We then make a full video recording of your vehicle to document the damage as well as unrelated dents, dings, and scratches that are present prior to Hance working on the car.

When we finish your repairs and clean the car for delivery, it generally looks fantastic and the most subtle of old blemishes may look new to you, when in fact they were already on the car.  In the unlikely event that damage should occur to your car while in our care, we assure you that it will be remedied.

Step #3: Damage Assessment

Once the vehicle is checked in, it is loaded into our management software and a tech will look over the estimate and assess the damage.  The damaged portion of the vehicle is removed and the estimate provided by the adjuster is used as a guideline for replacing parts in an economically feasible manner.  The insurance company has agreed to pay for the repairs to your car, but their preliminary estimate may not fully represent what will be needed to return your car to is pre-loss condition.

If necessary, the tech will take the additional time that is necessary to write a “supplement” of needs. In accordance with your policy, the insurance company has a right to assess and review any and all repairs and supplements prior to us continuing work on the car. In such cases, a delay of several days can be expected, but know that we are doing our part to move your car along as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to complete your car in the time we estimated.

Step #4: Paint Refinishing

The next task is the refinishing process.  This is a highly critical step and the one that “makes or breaks” the final results of the repair.  It is what you see and what we pride ourselves in most.  Most vehicles spend at least two days in the paint department for an average collision claim while small jobs may only take half of a day.

Our painter, with 35 years of experience, is an artist and even in the modern age of computerized color matching and state of the art equipment, it takes time to produce a high quality product.  When the painter is finished, he personally takes the car to the technician for reassembly with his blessing.

Step #5: Reassembly

During reassembly, the technician takes the time to ensure that everything goes back together as planned, that components function properly and the vehicle will be safe and perform as expected.  Your car was damaged, disassembled, repaired, painted and placed back together, almost like surgery with many small components to contend with.

As modern cars can be very complicated, there are times when reassembly may take longer than expected and the last thing we want is for you to have to return due to a human error that can be avoided with allowing a little more time.  In such cases, we will touch base with you to let you know our expected completion is near.

Step #6: Clean-up Quality Control

Once reassembly is completed, the car goes to our clean-up department and quality control will review the car, test functionality, and go for a test drive when necessary.  If an issue is found or the car needs minor adjustment, an additional day or two may be needed.  We generally will call when we know the car is going to clean-up in order to provide you with an estimated time for you to plan on retrieving your car.  We also finalize all billing at this time and will review the charges and notify you of the amount of money you will need to bring to release your car.

Most insurance companies have left us with checks on your behalf, so most of the time you are only responsible for your deductible.  In some cases you may receive a large portion of a claim settlement prior to arriving at our facility. In that case, bring the insurance check with you or another means of funding the balance of the repair bill due.  All repairs must be paid in full, unless prior arrangements are made with the manager or the vehicle is a “Select Service” claim in which case funding will be electronically paid after signing an authorization form.

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