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Dallas Auto Body – Our Blog and Why Choose us?

June 21, 2013

dallas auto bodyTime for a blog update and why Hance’s is the Dallas auto body shop you should choose when it comes time to repair your vehicle after an accident.  One reason stands out – EXPERIENCE! Same location, same corner, same attention to detail and customer care since 1955.

Lots of shops have blogs. All Dallas auto body shops are working to keep customers coming through the door. Blogging is the new medium for customer contact and internet exposure. I like to write my blog, answer questions and share valuable insight and information into a sometimes difficult experience. Like most internet marketing we utilize people to help keep our site active and relevant. Sometimes the blogs can be “canned” and designed to just be “filler,” and yes we are gulity of that.  The Dallas auto body market is full of good shops and people working hard for you every day, to restore your car to its pre-loss condition and blogging about it.

At Hance’s our blog is not what is important, it is our personal relationship with each and every client. It is our nearly 60 years of nuturing that relationship from the same corner in far north Uptown and the Park Cities. 4829 Mckinney Ave is our only address. We are not some “corporate shop” working for insurance companies. We are here working for you. We help you navigate the claims process. We do our best to treat you like we want to be treated – fairly, honestly and with respect. Your car, your family and your business is all we can “hang our hat on!”  We do not have 20 insurance companies feeding us business, we do it one client at a time. We are here as a coach and a shoulder to cry on, giving you fair honest automotive opionions. Hopefully that translates into a repair opportunity.

When you search for Dallas auto body shops and our name comes up; read our blog, check out our site and call me. My assistant Michelle will treat you well and if I am assisting another client, she will gladly take a message or place you in my voice mail. I will get right back to you. I will answer honestly and sometimes, you may not like what I have to say about the cost or the amount of damage, but that is what you deserve. You deserve to make a choice in a Dallas auto body shop that you can feel good about, that you can trust and that puts you first. Until next time (or the next canned blog) Take care and GOD Bless. -Rob aka the Car Nut of Dallas

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