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Collision Repair Myths

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

The Truth About Five Automotive Repair Myths

If you’ve ever had to deal with a collision repair after an accident, you know how frustrating, scary and indeed expensive it can be to get everything fixed. It’s easy to get caught up in the myths of collision repair, so arm yourself with the knowledge you need to simplify the process and be prepared. Here we will uncover some collision repair myths so you can better understand the truth, and get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.

Myth #1: You must take your car to the repair shop your insurance company recommends

Your insurance company may suggest a place or two but they can’t legally require you to use a specific repair shop. You have the right to choose where you want to take your car. If your insurance company tells you otherwise, this is known as steering and it’s an illegal tactic.

Myth #2 Only the dealership can repair your car

The dealership can certainly fix your car, but they’re not the only ones that can. In fact, they are probably the most expensive option you have. You’re best off taking it to your local trusted collision repair shop, with mechanics who can repair your vehicle just as well as the dealer for less money and in less time. Also, dealerships may try to sell you on unnecessary work, whereas if you take it to a mechanic you trust, you know they’ll just fix the issue in question and that’s it.

Myth #3: Your insurance company will cover the cost of every repair in full

Truth is, your insurance company may not cover all of your repairs. They may cover some but not all, but this depends on your individual insurance policy. If you have collision coverage in your policy, this is where you’ll find the specifics of your coverage. Not sure what it all means? Call your insurance agent and find out.

Myth #4: You must get three estimates before your insurance company will agree to pay

One estimate should be plenty. However, it may be in your best interest to shop around for the right collision repair shop before committing. That’s the only case where multiple estimates make sense. Your insurance company will perform its own estimate once you have chosen a shop.

Myth #5: The insurance company’s estimate is always right and they won’t shell out any more than that

If your insurance company thinks an estimate is too high, they may negotiate with the repair shop. The goal is to get a safe, affordable repair. In the end, the insurance company is required to pay out for your collision repair according to your specific policy.

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Should You Get Collision Coverage?

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Getting into a collision is stressful and overwhelming. Not only do you have to deal with any injuries to yourself or other parties in the car, you have to worry about fixing your vehicle. Collisions are common in this country. In fact, there were about 6.3 million fatal, injury and property damage crashes in this country in 2015 alone.

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know how scary it can be. Assuming your injuries are negligible, your first priority is to assess the damage to your car. Damage can range from a scratched fender to a dented side or crumpled hood. In order to be reimbursed by the insurance company, you need collision coverage on your vehicle.

Car Accident Dallas Texas

What is Collision Coverage?

This type of insurance covers accidents with other motor vehicles as well as objects like fences or trees. Collision insurance is great in most instances, but it doesn’t cover everything. For example, your insurance policy won’t cover medical bills or damage to your vehicle that isn’t a direct result of the collision. Think: hail storms or thieves that break into your car.

What Deductible Should You Get?

The deductible is the money you are responsible for paying prior to your insurance coverage kicking in. So, if your deductible is $1,000, you must pay $1,000 out of your own pocket before insurance takes over. The deductible you choose is entirely up to you when creating a policy with your insurance company.

There are many things to take into consideration, such as:

Monthly Cost or Premium: This will depend on your insurance company and the policies it offers. Usually, the lower your deductible, the higher your premiums. Cost is a big consideration but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Risk Level: Consider your individual risks, such as your age (teen drivers will have higher costs because they are considered a higher risk), typical times of vehicle operation, climate, and even the likelihood of hitting deer at night. If you deem your risks to be higher than most, it may be wise to choose a lower deductible policy.

If your driving record is spotless, you drive in good conditions, and operate within a relatively risk- free environment with minimal contact with heavy traffic or exposure to hazards such as wild animals, try a higher deductible policy.

Your Car and Situation: Consider how old your vehicle is, what it’s worth to you, and the state of your emergency savings nest egg. You may consider dropping your collision coverage, or at least drastically reducing it, depending on your answers.


Should You Get Collision Insurance on an Old Car?

Depends on how old it is. Sometimes, collision coverage just isn’t worth it on a car that is several years – or well over a decade – old. That’s because insurance companies only pay fair market value for damage done to your vehicle. Generally, if your car is more than 10 years old, this is when you should consider dropping the coverage to save money.

There are some instances where you can’t drop collision insurance, such as when financing or leasing your vehicle. Only when you own it outright can you make this choice. You can’t always rely on the make and condition of your vehicle, as somemaintain their value betterthan others as the years go on. Keep an eye on the book value of your car, and start crunching the numbers after about a decade of ownership.

Lastly, take a look at your emergency savings. If you have little to no savings and would be lost without your vehicle, you should probably keep the collision coverage just in case.

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas TX

If you do get in an accident and need collision repair, turn to the experts at Hance’s. Contact us at 214-666-5291 or visit us at 829 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, TX. Schedule an appointment with the professionals that areI-Car certified technicians with an A+ rating on the BBB.

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job

There’s nothing like that new shine of a paint job on your car. Whether fresh from the dealer’s lot or the autobody shop, a fresh coat of paint signals pride in your vehicle — a pride you’d like to keep for as long as possible. However, there are many environmental effects that are working against your car:
1. Bugs and Bird Droppings: While there’s really nothing you can do about bugs smashing onto your hood or bird droppings down the side of the door, there is something you can do after the fact that will save your paint job. Rather than let the evidence sit there, hoping a good rain storm will rinse them away, you need to wash them off as soon as you notice them. That’s because bugs and bird droppings tend to be very acidic and will eat away at the paint if left there to fester. Be gentle and don’t scrub with abrasives.

2. Road Debris: This is a big offender — yet another one you can’t prevent from happening. Just driving on the street can kick up small pebbles, dirt and salt (in wintry regions) that can pit your paint job. Clean your vehicle often but again, don’t scrub. Those little bits of dirt will cause unsightly scratches. Salt placed on roadways to keep snowy and icy conditions at bay can eat away at your paint and cause corrosion.

3. Construction Debris: You always wince as you head through a construction zone, hearing all that dust, gravel and asphalt peppering the underside of your car and bumper. Avoid these construction zones if you can, and certainly don’t park near any of them. The dust kicked up by these areas can settle on your car and dull its sheen. Take your car to the car wash if you inadvertently drive through a construction zone.

4. Gas: Most of us are in a hurry when filling up with gas. However, those drops and spills down the side of your car as you take out the hose can be a killer for your vehicle’s paint job. Once it has set in, a gas stain is very hard to get off later. If you spill, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it away immediately.

5. Sprinklers: Parking near a sprinkler may sound harmless (hey, whose car couldn’t use a natural bath once in a while?). However, the water spots left by those sprinklers have minerals in them that, when dried by the sun, can leave random spots that are hard to get off.

6. Writing: Your kids may think it’s funny to write “Wash me” on your car, but this can cause damage to your paint job. That’s because dirt is like sandpaper and has the same effect on your shiny new paint job.

7. Coffee: We’ve all driven off with a cup of coffee on the roof at least once in our lives. However, those coffee stains can be a detriment to your paint job. Since coffee (and other beverages such as soda) is acidic, this can hurt your car’s finish so wash it off as soon as you can, advises DriverSide. If there’s sugar in your coffee, that’s even worse because it leaves a sticky residue.


Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center

Stop by Hance’s Uptown Collision Center at our convenient location in Dallas to see what we offer for autobody repair and paintless dent repair. Contact us at 214-666-5291 to make an appointment or use our online form. Our shop hours are Mon–Thur: 7:30am – 5:30pm and Friday: 7:30am – 5:00pm.

Importance of Developing Lasting Relationships with Customers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Mays Family DallasPeople want to do business with other people — not companies. That’s why it’s so important for any company to build and cultivate relationships with their customers from day one. Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. You’ll always find our technicians helpful and customer service reps friendly. We want to get to know you and your car so that you feel good about giving us your business whenever you need to. You’ll know the work will get done quickly, and it will get done right.

We thought we would talk about the importance of nurturing lasting relationships with our customers as part of this week’s blog post.


There’s no such thing as over-communicating, says Forbes, which is why this is a key part of keeping clients informed through regular communications and updates. Through appointment reminders, specials and deals, and issues you need to know about, we make it a top priority to keep you informed. You have things to do, you’re busy and you want to get back on the road. We don’t keep you in the dark.

Being a Helpful Resource

Adding value to a customer’s experience is key. Providing value, convenience and information sharing draws customers in and helps them trust you. The key to the above heading is “helpful” — giving customers irrelevant information that poses no benefit to them is just a waste of time. Bothering you with information you don’t need just isn’t our style.


Crooked auto body repair shops have become somewhat of an old cliche. The whole reason people bring their cars to a shop is because they don’t know how to fix them on their own. Many body shops know that and capitalize on it — especially when they see very young or very old people coming. Honesty is a big part of what we’re about here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center. We believe it’s the responsibility of a company to be forthright in their dealings with customers in order to foster trust. Anyone can take a customer for a ride, overcharge them for sub-par service and low-quality parts. But they won’t get too far operating like that because word of mouth is a huge swaying factor in where people bring their cars for auto body repair service.

Meeting Deadlines

Just like in the corporate world, meeting deadlines is critical in adding value to your work. Being without a car is a big inconvenience for customers, and we recognize that. You need your vehicle to bring the kids to school, get to work, hit the market — just living life. Barring an unforeseen circumstance, when we give you a turn-around time, we follow through. Your word is your bond, points out Forbes, so by committing to a deadline, you reassure the client that your service will be done in time. Relieve your customers of worry, and they will come back again and again to schedule estimate.

Hance Paint Body Shop Dallas, TX

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas, TX

Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, our priority is the relationships we develop with our clients, conducting our business the same way we live our lives: with honesty, integrity and fairness. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, we offer the best insurance-based collision repair and auto body repair in Dallas, TX at competitive prices. Contact us today at 214-666-5291.

Collision Center Dallas TX: Great Repair And Great Customer Service

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Collision Center Dallas TXYou may be the most focused driver in North Texas; but chances are you’ll come across another driver who isn’t.  When that happens, bring your car in to us at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas TX.  At Hance’s, we have many years of experience fixing damage to every make and model vehicle so you can trust that we’ll know what we’re doing.  We also take a great deal of pride in our work and how well we treat our customers.  If you’ve been in an accident, call us at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas TX at (214) 666-5291 to schedule an estimate.  You can also visit us online to find about our wide range of services.

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Looking For A Collision Center Dallas TX?

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

collision center Dallas TX

Getting your car back up and running after an accident is one of your main goals. When you have a collision repair shop who has the same goals as you it makes for a quicker and easier process! Hance Paint and Body has prided itself on great, fast service for over 60 years! That is a reputation that you can trust for a collision center Dallas TX. Call us today at 214-666-5291 or visit us online at For the best in collision repair choose Hance Paint and Body! We will provide the best service and get your car back up and running.

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Hance Paint & Body Collision Center Dallas TX: Service and Repairs You Can Count On

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Collision Center Dallas TXIf you have been in a wreck trust the best for your repairs. At Hance Paint & Body, we are your Collision Center Dallas TX. We have years of experience repairing all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s. Our attention to detail, quality repairs and work, honest pricing and excellent customer service has kept leading the repair industry for decades. We work hard to maintain our reputation as honest and hard working which means you can count on us and knowing your repairs are done by professionals. Don’t trust your auto repairs to anyone, trust the best for your Collision Center Dallas TX. Call Hance Paint & Body today! 214-666-5291.

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Collision Center Dallas TX: Be Prepared for the Worst Case

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Collision Center Dallas TXYou’ve had an accident. The worst thing you have to deal with is a collision center in Dallas TX that won’t do what they say in the time they say it will take. That’s why you want to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. The one where you can’t drive away from the accident but have to load your car up on a tow truck and entrust its care to someone else. If you have Hance Paint and Body on your list of people to call, you will have peace of mind. We’ve been serving our customers well for over 60 years and that’s why people always come back.  Call us today at 214-666-5291 and be prepared ahead of time.

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Collision Repair Shop Dallas TX: Get Your Car Put Back Together Quickly

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXA car accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you.  You or your family may be injured and your car will likely end up at a collision repair shop in Dallas TX.  One minute your life is happy and carefree and the next, you’re facing an insurance claim and living without your vehicle.  If you’re in an accident, call us at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center at (214) 666-5291.  We are the best collision repair shop in Dallas TX and we’ll get your car back on the road quickly plus we’ll help with you deal with your insurance claim.  Visit us at to find out more.

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Collision Repair Shop In Dallas TX: Choose Where Your Car Is Towed

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXDid you know that if your car is involved in an accident, you have the right to choose where it’s towed?  Even if you call your insurance company’s towing service, you can ask them to take it to a collision repair shop in Dallas TX of your choice.  When you call,  have your vehicle towed to the best collision repair shop in Dallas TX, Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, and we can get it repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.  If for any reason you don’t want your car to be towed, call us and we’ll find a way to get your car to our shop.  Call us at Hance’s at (214) 666-5291 or visit

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