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How to Work With Your Insurance Company for Adequate Compensation

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Getting into a car accident is stressful enough without adding insurance adjustments and compensations to the mix. Immediately following an accident, you know you have to share insurance information with the other driver, but what happens after that? How can you be sure you’re getting adequately compensated for the damage? If you have a trusted mechanic on your side like Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, you will be assisted throughout the whole process. We work with insurance companies all the time to ensure our customers get the compensation they deserve. And not just SOME money — enough to cover ALL damage to the vehicle. The first step is to schedule an appointment for a repair estimate.

Even if you weren’t at fault for the accident and you are due reimbursement or compensation for accident-related costs, dealing with insurance companies can still be confusing, daunting and frustrating. Assuming you have started the process by contacting the other insurance company and getting the ball rolling, the next step is to get reimbursement for property damage and theft.


Determining Reimbursement: Getting Proof

The claims adjuster will evaluate these factors by taking photographs and writing notes about all damage to the vehicle. Your written statement about what happened also further helps the adjuster in his decision regarding compensation for your damages and loss. DMV.org suggests keeping all receipts and before-and-after pictures if you have repair work done to your car.

Diminished Value

This is where Hance’s Auto comes in. We can work with your insurance company to come up with a mutually acceptable number that you feel comfortable with. That’s even if your vehicle is worth repairing — it could be deemed a total loss. This means it will cost more to fix the vehicle than the vehicle is worth.

Medical Costs

If you are found not to be at fault for the accident, you can go after the other insurance company for compensation on your medical bills. Sometimes, the other person doesn’t have insurance, or maybe the amount you’re quoted won’t be nearly enough to cover your bills. In this case, you may want to get in touch with a personal injury attorney to fight for additional compensation.


It depends on your exact situation, but you may have to pay a deductible before getting payment for your claim. If you’re eventually determined not to be at fault, you may be able to get that money back later.

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Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas

Need help managing the insurance aspect of your claim? We can assist you here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center. Contact us today at 214-666-5291 to kick start the process and get the compensation you deserve.

Is Paintless Dent Repair Right for You?

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Getting in an accident is no picnic. Provided you and everyone involved are OK following an incident like this — whether a fender bender or something more serious — you may turn your sights to the frustration of getting your vehicle fixed. You may have heard about paintless dent repair as an alternative to full-on body work. Yes, it takes less time than auto body repair and can be more convenient, but is it right for your situation? It may turn out that Hance’s Uptown Collision Center auto body repair service is a better choice for you.

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When is PDR a Viable Choice?

There are times in which paintless dent repair is a good choice, but it all depends on the type of accident you have been in. PDR is reserved for less serious accidents featuring small dings that are easy to bang out. Think: shopping carts at the grocery store, small fender benders, baseballs to the roof, etc. Paintless dent repair is generally a more affordable and speedy form of dent repair — one that doesn’t affect the paint job done at the factory. As a less intrusive process for dent repair designed, it’s best for small to medium repair needs. Using state-of-the-art technologies, your trusted Hance mechanic repairs dents by getting under the “skin” of the vehicle to gently coax dented panels back into position. This is done without damaging or scratching the panels at all. Because this approach does not involve painting, the price tag is lower than traditional dent repair work.

If your car has been affected by the following, PDR may be a good option for you:

  • Minor Hail damage
  • Door dings
  • Minor body creases
  • Small dents
  • Bumper indentations

However, this option isn’t always possible when it comes to larger, more serious dents. When you’ve been in a bigger accident with damage not only to the paneling but the paint job as well, it becomes necessary to repair dents and then color match and paint the vehicle. New panels may have to be ordered if the dent is large, scraped or gouged. It takes a trained eye to get the color just right and blend it in seamlessly. This takes vast knowledge of the specific brand and model of car as well.

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When is Auto Body Repair Work a Better Choice?

While you may be hoping for paintless dent repair to remedy your situation because it generally takes less time, this isn’t always possible. In the case of auto body repair, the wait for your vehicle to be finished  is well worth it because you are essentially getting a new portion of your car. Panels are ordered from the manufacturer and paint has to be artfully applied to blend the two so it never looks as though you were in an accident. That’s where our technicians come in — who are more like artists than anything else!

Auto body repair is a better choice if the metal of your vehicle has been severely stretched, dented, gouged or creased and the paint is cracked.  With PDR, you simply can’t get scratches out or repair paint damage. In addition, cars that were made prior to 1990 are not great candidates for PDR, as the paint featured on those vehicles isn’t as resilient and flexible as the paint you see on newer cars. As an aside: after the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990, paint-makers began adding water-borne paints to their product lineups in response to clean-air initiatives to cut volatile organic compound emissions, according to Cars.com.

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas

To find out why auto body repair may benefit you, please contact us at 214-666-5291. We are conveniently located on McKinney Avenue!

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Importance of Developing Lasting Relationships with Customers

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Mays Family DallasPeople want to do business with other people — not companies. That’s why it’s so important for any company to build and cultivate relationships with their customers from day one. Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. You’ll always find our technicians helpful and customer service reps friendly. We want to get to know you and your car so that you feel good about giving us your business whenever you need to. You’ll know the work will get done quickly, and it will get done right.

We thought we would talk about the importance of nurturing lasting relationships with our customers as part of this week’s blog post.


There’s no such thing as over-communicating, says Forbes, which is why this is a key part of keeping clients informed through regular communications and updates. Through appointment reminders, specials and deals, and issues you need to know about, we make it a top priority to keep you informed. You have things to do, you’re busy and you want to get back on the road. We don’t keep you in the dark.

Being a Helpful Resource

Adding value to a customer’s experience is key. Providing value, convenience and information sharing draws customers in and helps them trust you. The key to the above heading is “helpful” — giving customers irrelevant information that poses no benefit to them is just a waste of time. Bothering you with information you don’t need just isn’t our style.


Crooked auto body repair shops have become somewhat of an old cliche. The whole reason people bring their cars to a shop is because they don’t know how to fix them on their own. Many body shops know that and capitalize on it — especially when they see very young or very old people coming. Honesty is a big part of what we’re about here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center. We believe it’s the responsibility of a company to be forthright in their dealings with customers in order to foster trust. Anyone can take a customer for a ride, overcharge them for sub-par service and low-quality parts. But they won’t get too far operating like that because word of mouth is a huge swaying factor in where people bring their cars for auto body repair service.

Meeting Deadlines

Just like in the corporate world, meeting deadlines is critical in adding value to your work. Being without a car is a big inconvenience for customers, and we recognize that. You need your vehicle to bring the kids to school, get to work, hit the market — just living life. Barring an unforeseen circumstance, when we give you a turn-around time, we follow through. Your word is your bond, points out Forbes, so by committing to a deadline, you reassure the client that your service will be done in time. Relieve your customers of worry, and they will come back again and again to schedule estimate.

Hance Paint Body Shop Dallas, TX

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas, TX

Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, our priority is the relationships we develop with our clients, conducting our business the same way we live our lives: with honesty, integrity and fairness. Backed by more than 60 years of experience, we offer the best insurance-based collision repair and auto body repair in Dallas, TX at competitive prices. Contact us today at 214-666-5291.

Auto Shops In Dallas TX: Let Us Fix What Your Teenage Driver Breaks!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Auto shops in Dallas TXIf you think teaching your teenager to drive was the worst mistake you ever made, you could be right if your car is covered in scratches and dents or has missing parts or broken trim.  When you’re looking for auto shops in Dallas TX that can undo the damage your teen driver has done, call us at Hance Paint & Body Service.  We may not be able to stop you from losing your mind over your teenage driver, but we can restore your car to the way it looked before they got in it.  When you need one of the best auto shops in Dallas TX, call Hance at 214-666-5291 for help.  And visit www.hanceauto.com to find out more about what we do.

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Auto Shops In Dallas TX: Trust The Best in the Business

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Auto shops in Dallas TXWhen you need any type of bodywork, restoration, regular maintenance or collision help, you want to know which of the auto shops in Dallas TX you should trust.  The answer to that is easy!  Hance’s Paint and Body has been in business for over 60 years and they have been helping their customers through all sorts of troubles and fun projects for years.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to restore that 1970 Corvette LT-1 you’ve had sitting in your garage and decided it’s finally time or maybe you just had an accident and need someone who will get you back to where you were before the collision quickly.  Hance’s is the answer for both.  Call us today at (214) 666-5291 to learn more or schedule your visit.

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Body Shop Dallas TX: Taking Care of Your Car and You

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Body shop Dallas TXWhen you get into an accident it seems like time stands still for a few moments or everything happens in slow motion.  Then you have a million things to think about.  When you need help from a body shop Dallas TX professional team, you want the help of Hance’s Paint and Body.  We’ve been in business for over 50 years and take care of both you and your car.  We’ll help you with the insurance claims and get you back into your car that is as good as new!  Call us today at (214) 666-5291 to get started or bring your car by our shop located at 4829 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205.

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Body Shop In Dallas, TX: Keep Your Deductible Low

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Body shop Dallas TXIf you have an accident and you have to take your vehicle to a body shop in Dallas, TX, your insurance company will pay their portion but the rest – the deductible – is up to you to pay.  If your insurance deductible is high, it could mean a lot of money out of your pocket.  You should consider lowering your deductible, even though it means a higher premium, so that you won’t have to come up with a lot of money if you have an accident.  And if you need body work, call the best body shop in Dallas, TX, Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, at 214-666-5291.  Visit us at www.hanceauto.com to learn more.

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Hance’s Is Your Collision Center Dallas TX Resource

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
collision center Dallas TXNo one wants to get into an accident and need the resource of a collision center Dallas TX, but sometimes it happens. If it does, don’t forget to grab the parts that might have been dislodged from your car or truck. Whether it is a mirror, bumper or any other part of the car, it may save you a lot of heartache. Although we can get your car back to you in good working order, sometimes the effort it requires to find specific clips or attachments to fix your car can take precious time you could already be driving your car. If you can safely grab the pieces to your car, do it! It will help you and us get you back to whole quicker!

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Hance’s Paint and Body Shop Dallas TX: Getting Your Hail Damage Fixed

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

paint and body shop Dallas TXWith all the recent storms in Dallas, TX there were a lot of people who suffered from hail damage to their cars.  Hance’s is your paint and body shop Dallas TX for fixing your car.  We can get your car back to pre-loss condition quickly and get you back on the road faster.  We have the time and attention to give your car what it needs to get it back to what you had.  Whether you just need dents removed or paint applied, we can do it all.  Call us today or stop by and we can get started on your car.

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Hance Paint & Body Shop Dallas TX: Find out what satisfied customers say!

Monday, March 31st, 2014

paint & body shop Dallas TXWhat can the other customers tell you about a company? Can they help you decide which paint & body shop in Dallas TX with which to trust your car? Look for what the customers said about the services they received! Were they satisfied with the work? Did the employees answer all of their questions? Were they happy with the price? These comments and more can help you determine whether or not you should invest your time, money and the welfare of your car to a particular shop. Look for the opinion of other customers when you are picking your paint & body shop in Dallas TX.

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