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Why are so Many Cars Painted Such Boring Colors?

March 26, 2018


Beige…white…silver…you probably see a lot of these car colors on the road every single day. It seems a majority of cars these days feature these neutral, if somewhat boring, shades. In fact, white has been the most popular car color for the past eight years, according to MarketWatch.

It hasn’t always been that way. Twenty-four years ago when millions of people sat glued to their TVs to watch the OJ Simpson chase, that white Ford Bronco stuck out like a sore thumb – something that wouldn’t have happened today. That’s because back in the 1990s, the most popular car color was teal, followed by red. Experts say this bold color choice was attributable to Apple’s influence with its introduction of the bold colors for computers. Remember the iMac??


That trend switched to silver once 2000 rolled around, likely representing the emerging popularity of the tech world. If you doubt this, think about the surge in stainless steel appliances that happened at the same time. As the 2000s wore on, white made its way onto the scene as a popular car color due in part to another influence of Apple: the neutral iPhone colors. In fact, white has been the most popular car color for nearly a decade.


White cars may not be flashy, they have been found to be safer than black ones. Studies show that black cars have a 12% higher crash risk as compared with white cars during the daylight hours, followed closely by gray and silver. During dawn and dusk, black vehicles had a 47% higher accident risk than white.


White cars are more comfortable in the summer, as opposed to darker cars that tend to absorb sunlight more readily and therefore get much hotter in warm weather. You’ll notice an uptick in white cars in warm locales like Florida and Texas for this reason.


You may assume white or light colored cars would be hard to keep looking clean. But the truth is, dark or bright color cars tend to show water spots and dirt more readily than white or beige.


White and beige cars don’t depreciate in value as quickly as bolder colored cars. In addition, consumers are less likely to tire of white or beige than a more trendy color like orange or red. And because there’s such a consistent high demand for neutral colors, this makes it easier to sell your car later at a higher price. Stands to reason, then, that white cars are the most popular within used car listings.


Males tend to have a bigger preference for white cars over females, with white pickups being the most popular in the truck category for men. Women shy away from flashy colors but rather than white they tend to go for silver and brown. For men who like flashy colors, they gravitate to red and orange.

So, it seems the car manufacturers have done their research! So the next time you think to yourself…why are there so many boring car colors around? These are all reasons why!

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