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5 Things to Consider Before Painting Your Car

January 31, 2020

auto body repair

Thinking about having your car painted? There are many considerations to take into account. The decision to repaint your vehicle is a serious one, mostly due to the high expense. Sometimes you don’t really have a choice, as you may have been in a collision and need extensive work and repainting. But in general, here are some things to think about before tackling a paint job.

1.  Is It Worth It?

Ask yourself: is my car worth painting? If your car isn’t worth the paint you’re going to be putting on it, you may want to reconsider. Check on the value of your car or truck prior to making this decision. A good rule of thumb is to forgo the project if it will cost as much as 25% of the car’s value.

2.  Consider Color

You may wonder if you should change the color of your car. A color change is a big decision, as it adds to the cost and labor involved. It can be up to double the cost than if you were to stick to the same color. Here’s why: if you were to repaint your car the same color, you can simply paint the parts exposed to the weather, such as the back, front, top and sides. The hidden parts that don’t get scorched by the sun or pounded by the rain may still look fine and you don’t have to touch them. Not so when you have a brand new color to apply.

3.  Types of Paint

Think about what kind of paint job you want. Considerations include color, quality, and level of prep work. Remember: you get what you pay for. If you get a low-ball offer from one guy at $700 and a higher one at $1400 from another, guess what you’ll get from the cheap guy? Probably a sub-par job.

4.     Quality

There’s a big difference between a great paint job and a lousy one. Always hire a professional – someone who is trained in automotive painting and knows what they’re doing. Ask about which paint they will be using, as the quality of paint systems varies big time. But the real difference lies in the prep work. A reputable paint shop will spend 10 hours or more preparing the vehicle for every one hour they spend applying paint. 

5.     Paint Prep

Don’t be afraid to ask the shop what they do to prepare for the job. Lower end paint shops will simply place paper and masking tape over the parts of your vehicle that won’t be painted, such as the black portion of your bumper, the tail lights, turn signals, and rubber trim. A higher end shop will remove as many of these things as they can so there won’t be a line between the parts that have been painted and the ones that have not.

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