What Do You Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car?

What do you do when someone hits your parked car? Hance’s Uptown Collision explains what do when you get into an accident.

You come out of the grocery store and see that someone has swung open their car door and dinged yours. Or maybe you came out of work after a long day to find someone has sideswiped you and taken off. What do you do in these circumstances? It’s not like you saw the accident happen and know who to go after for the insurance money.

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If this happens to you, here are some steps to take in the aftermath. Your car will need prompt autobody repair, so acting quickly is the name of the game.

1.    Call the Police

First, call the police to report the incident. Make sure they know the basics of the circumstances and that the other party is not around. They will meet you at the scene and write up a report regarding what transpired. You will need a copy of that report in order to submit a claim with your insurance company.

2.     Contact the Driver

If the driver of the other car left a note with their contact information, call them right away. Find out what happened and get the details of their insurance information. If they only left a note with their insurance information, provide that information to the police as well as your own insurance company. If they left no note at all, you will have to go through your own insurance company for all damages.

3.     Take Photos and Notes

Inspect your vehicle from all angles, taking photos of the damage as you go. Take close-up shots as well as broader shots to include the positioning of the car and its relation to the parking lot you’re in or the street you’re on. Take photos of surrounding landmarks and street names. You’ll also want to take detailed notes of what you see, including the extent of the damage, how you initially discovered it, and the time of day in which you believe the accident to have occurred.

If there were witnesses to the accident, talk to them and ask for their contact information so they can provide pertinent information for your insurance company later on.

The insurance claims adjuster will come out later to take their own photos and notes, but you should always do this yourself in case there is a discrepancy later.

4.     Contact the Insurance Company

Now it’s time to call your insurance company and let them know about the accident. It’s important to do this right away so the details remain fresh in your memory. This will allow you to recount the events in as much detail as possible. Notify your own insurance company first, and if you have insurance info for the other driver, let them know those details. Explain the accident in full.

Schedule an Autobody Repair Appointment

As you may already know, getting a check from the insurance company can take a long time. It may take weeks or months, if you get one at all, depending on the outcome of the investigation. You don’t want to wait that long to get your car fixed. Dents and scratches can introduce rust into the body of your car. It’s important to get those dents fixed or panels replaced as quickly as possible.

Ask your insurance company if you can have a rental car while your own is being fixed. You may have to pay out of pocket for the repairs, then reimburse yourself when the check is sent to your residence.

Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we understand how frustrating the insurance claims process is. That’s why we make it very easy to get your car fixed so you can get back to your life. To that end, we offer assistance with insurance claims processing that can help get your vehicle back to its “Pre-Loss” condition. We charge industry-wide rates, both market competitive and standard, so your car can be fixed on time and in the proper manner. Let us help you navigate the tricky environment that makes up the insurance claims industry so your claim can be processed as quickly as possible.


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