What Does Concierge Service From an Auto Body Repair Shop Mean?

You may have heard the term concierge service before, but your mind may automatically go to the kind of service you would get in a fancy hotel. While that may be true, concierge services is a general term that means something extra, something on top of the regular service offered by a business. In the autobody repair business, that means the auto shop will go above and beyond to ensure you’re well taken care of and satisfied.

It can be very stressful, not to mention inconvenient, when you’ve been in a collision with another vehicle. You don’t want to have to hassle with getting your car to the mechanic so body work can be performed. And if you have suffered an injury, you’re in no shape to worry about the state of your vehicle.

In these events, many autobody repair shops, including Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, will go the extra mile beyond what is standard in the industry. This usually involves picking you up and towing your car, but there are the many services that could be included as part of concierge collision services.

Emergency Towing

This is a basic and common part of the concierge services your trusted auto repair shop may offer. In the unfortunate event you are in a car accident, your vehicle may be unable to operate or move of its own power. This is common with more serious collisions, but you often have to worry about calling a tow truck to come get it and drive it to your mechanic. This can be a time consuming and expensive proposition.

Any autobody repair shop worth its salt will come get your vehicle for you and tow it to their lot so it can get on the schedule to be fixed. This saves you as the customer a lot of time and money. You understandably don’t want to be without transportation for any length of time, so when the shop can tow it to their yard for you, this cuts down on the amount of time you’re without a car. Many shops offer this free of charge if you decide to have your car fixed at that shop.

Now you don’t have to hassle with trying to track down a tow company in the area, arrange to have it towed to your garage, and pay for it all! Instead, take advantage of your collision shop’s concierge service instead.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

After being in a car accident, especially a more serious one, you won’t have a car. That’s a fact of life, however inconvenient it may be. Perhaps you have an extra car at home and don’t need to invest in a rental car; however, you do need a ride back home after your damaged car has been towed to the shop. Your auto body repair shop may offer pick up and drop off as part of their concierge services as well. This poses a major convenience to you so you don’t have to bother anyone to come pick you up from the scene of the accident. Your friends and family will appreciate not having to leave work or school to come get you!

Car Rental

If you do need a car rental because you don’t have a spare vehicle at home, your auto repair shop may offer to rent you a car from its own fleet as part of concierge services. This can save you a lot of money and time. As you know, renting a car through a rental company is very expensive, especially at the 11th hour without planning the reservation ahead of time. They know you’re in a bind and will charge you the highest rate possible.

On top of that, you have to get yourself to the dealer, pick up the car, pay for it, and coordinate with your insurance company, which can be the biggest hassle of all. It’s so much easier and cheaper to rent a car from your collision shop. Plus, they’ll deal with the insurance company for you, which is a huge perk in and of itself.

Car Cleaning and Detailing

After your car has been repaired, your auto collision company may also offer to wash the vehicle, vacuum the inside, and detail the whole thing to round out its concierge services. It’s a wise idea to take advantage of this offering, as your car may have gotten dirty as a result of the accident and the time spent in the shop.

If you get it cleaned and detailed, you’ll get a like-new car back and don’t have to worry about taking it to a separate provider for a thorough washing and cleaning.

Contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center

Here at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we offer a wide range of concierge services to ensure the whole process after a collision is smooth and stress-free. Let us help you through the auto repair process while making it as easy on you as possible. To learn more, contact us in Dallas or Plano whenever you get in a collision. We are here to help!

We know how busy you are. A car accident is a big interruption to your life, so let us help you by scheduling repairs, pick up your vehicle from your office or home, offer assistance in securing a rental car, perform the necessary repairs and bring your car back to you during normal business hours.

Not sure where to start? Fill out our online form and we will start to schedule the pick-up process. We’ll also help you with any insurance claims. Best part is, our concierge process is free and at no additional cost to you.



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