An Open Letter From a One Man Band

Wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who have allowed us to work on you car. We come to work everyday with one goal in mind – Empower vehicle owners with good information, fair representation and integrity when it comes to their car and car needs. Whether it is collision repair, service questions or good old fashioned FREE advice.

We are a unique operation. Probably should be on the endangered species list. Very few companies in the collision industry do it this way – The Hance Way. We are not trying to grow and be the biggest in town. Not trying to court the insurance industry and become addicted to their volume. Yes we would love more work and a fancy new auto body shop, but not at the expense of the consumer or our own sanity. When the insurance company and the body shop become symbiotic in their claims handling process, generally the client loses. Our way is to empower you with information. To share with you our knowledge, our nearly 60 plus years of experience. To help you make the decisions with your car and your money. We feel blessed that we make a living at what we enjoy. We acknowledge that we earn our living from someone else’s misfortune. That means we have to be responsible with what has been entrusted to us.

Knowing the above information, I want to apologize if sometimes we drop the ball. If we fail to return a phone call promptly. If we get delayed in our schedule or completion dates. I am practically a “One Man Band”  when it comes to the day to day running of a retro-modern Dallas Paint and Body Shop. I am who you are looking for when you have questions. I am the one who does the pricing. I am the one who takes the “heat” when we make a mistake.

Now, I could not do it without a great cast and supporting crew behind the scenes: Michelle is our office support staff. She is so friendly and understands what I am trying to do in a changing and evolving auto body industry. She supports me in making sure our clients feel welcomed and comforted during a difficult process. She keeps the paperwork flowing and makes sure I go to lunch when I am suppose to. Thanks Evil M 😉  Jose our detailer and painters assistant has been with me for almost 13 years. Pretty unheard of in that position. I have seen him raise a family and get a little grayer. Thank you Jose.  Our painter Oscar, has been painting cars it for over 30 years! He has one goal in mind – Make the customer happy. Make them forget the car was wrecked. He comes to work everyday, works harder than anyone I know. Thank you Oscar!  Our metal Technicians: Terry and Joel have not been with me long, but I went looking for a diverse cast of characters with unique talents and abilities. GOD Blessed me with two guys who work hard in 105* heat. Two guys who tackle each day with the client and their car as their priority. Keeping an eye on the details and my bottom line. Thank you Joel and Terry! Our facilities maintenance tech, Stephen is a life saver. He keeps everything spic and span for what is traditionally a very dirty environment. He understands a clean shop is a safe shop.Yes, I am a one man band and when I am not here, not available or out of the office, the above cast is working hard for you and me. But most of all, I could not be that one man band with out “mom.” Lorraine Wire has done a fantastic job of securing our future financially with conservative decision and an eye on the bottom line. Thank you Mom!

I just wanted you, our Loyal and New clients, to know that we appreciate you. That by choosing Hance Paint and Body (aka Hance’s Uptown Collision), that you are valuing us on the endangered species list. That you value a dying breed. That with your continued support, referrals and understanding, that we may continue to do what we enjoy. GOD Bless you and your families.

-The Leader of the Band

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