Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

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Selecting a Body Shop and Steering

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

What you should know and are not being told by that Gecko or Flo

So you have had in accident with your car in Dallas Texas or surrounding community, now what? First thing you do is call your insurance company to begin the claims process, to start your road back to automotive recovery. That silly Gecko and Flo act like they are your best friends and life and auto collision repair is so easy. We can get you back on the road and make life easy. Well guess what, they are not being completely honest. Not a single insurance company is being honest. And for that matter many collision centers and body shops in Dallas, Texas are not being honest either. They are wanting to lead you down a golden path and money saving tools for them, that leave you and your vehicle short changed. Their business model is to collect premiums and pay out very little in claims. They implement a process and procedure designed to save them money. Money and repair processes owed to you. A proper repair with new parts and a pre-loss condition result. They do this they say to save you money. But why is it when you have a claim, they raise your rates. Why is it that when they use these Concierge and Express programs, they never give you a refund?

Most “independent” shops are different and for good reason. We do not get in bed with insurance companies. We do not let them dictate the process and the results. We are an advocate for the consumer. I personally count it as a blessing to fix cars and help people. We do it, day in an day out many times at no financial gain; by just talking and sharing our experience and knowledge at no charge. Our advice is always free! We do it to help you through a process that is foreign and not an everyday affair to have your car fixed after an accident. We do it, because we truly want what is best for you. And the strangest part is that if the free market was really at work and everyone paid out of pocket for repairs and no insurance was involved, the chain stores would be out of business. The quality of work alone would be enough to close their doors!

What is important to know is that “steering” is illegal. An insurance company should not tell you that by going to any shop you choose, it will be a negative. To say a shop is “not on the program” or not preferred should be of no consequence. You tell them where you are going and who you want them to work with, end of story! They have a right to inspect the vehicle prior to any work being done or any claims being paid. Under the law, they only have so many days to look at the car. They must respond to your desire. There is a tremendous amount of “gray” to this conversation and information that could fill volumes of books. But in the end, you have a consumer bill of rights, you have choices and you should know that any independent auto body shop you choose, have your best interest in mind. We do at Hance’s. We give you options and information. The most important thing you can have when it come to your car and you! -Rob aka Car Nut Dallas

Auto Body Dallas – Independent Insurance Advocate

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Taking a moment to share with you this morning a significant change in our business and moral philosophy shift of our operation. When it come to collision repair and Auto Body shops in Dallas, you have many many choices. A lot of times you do not realize the rights you have or the choices you can make when it comes to your car, your accident repair and you or someone else’s insurance company: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Under Texas Law, the consumer can choose any shop to fix their vehicle. The insurance companies form alliances and business relationships with those facilities that benefit them and their business model for cost savings and price controls. When you choose an Auto Body Shop in Dallas, a lot of times you are directed to a website or mobile resource that gives you predetermined choices that the insurance company has contracted with to fix your car. Those choices benefit the insurance company. It may seem seamless for you, it  may feel like “concierge” service, but in reality it purely a relationship of savings between the “big box shops” and the insurance companies. The DRP – Direct Repair – shops provide discounts and volume to the insurers that you the consumer do not benefit from. You have no “advocate”  looking out for you, your options and your car. Insurance companies say these relationships benefit you the consumer by lowering premiums and getting you back in your car faster and your “life back in order.” That is code speak for lowering their payouts and increasing or maintaining their profits. Insurance companies are not our friends. Not bad people, but they are business. A profit and stock price business. Many years ago, they were suppose to be only mutual companies. Mutual benefit to the policy holders. But now they are Stock companies and their obligation is to the stock holders and to earn a profit. We are required to have insurance to operate a vehicle. Insurance is a good thing when we are in trouble to mitigate our financial loss. But most consumers deal with insurance when they purchase, not when they have a claim, so our understanding of our claims rights is foreign to us. You need an advocate to help you with Auto Body Repair in Dallas to share with you their knowledge, expertise and to help navigate the insurance “game.”

This past week, we decided as a family and as a business owners, to stop participating in our only DRP. We have advocated for years that this is a bad practice, but with a 30 year relationship with one of the largest insurers, we had stability and built in business. Frankly we were/are scared to leave and to not have that source of revenue. This is a tough business and when 30% comes from one source, that is a huge stream of revenue to turn your back on. But morally, ethically and philosophically we have to practice what we preach. We have to continue to be that advocate in Auto Body Repair in Dallas. Some of the business practices we were being asked to do, did not make sense. We could see no benefit to the consumer or our business. Future rights and future business practices were being jeopardized. If we continued our relationship, then we were not being true to our convictions and giving away our rights as shop owners and consumer advocates.

When you have an accident, call us. We want to fix your car, but in the end we want to educate and help you. If we do not get the opportunity to fix your car, at least you will know we gave honest, solid and unbiased advice about your car and your accident. We realize you can go anywhere. We realize you receive a lot of influence from your agent and your provider, but you have rights. You have options and you have the ultimate choice. Call me 214-666-5291. My advice is always free and from now on, no DRP involvement. We are here for you and we can only stay in business with you making the choice to use Hance’s Uptown Collision – Hance Paint and Body.  -Rob aka Car Nut of Dallas

An Open Letter From a One Man Band

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who have allowed us to work on you car. We come to work everyday with one goal in mind – Empower vehicle owners with good information, fair representation and integrity when it comes to their car and car needs. Whether it is collision repair, service questions or good old fashioned FREE advice.

We are a unique operation. Probably should be on the endangered species list. Very few companies in the collision industry do it this way – The Hance Way. We are not trying to grow and be the biggest in town. Not trying to court the insurance industry and become addicted to their volume. Yes we would love more work and a fancy new auto body shop, but not at the expense of the consumer or our own sanity. When the insurance company and the body shop become symbiotic in their claims handling process, generally the client loses. Our way is to empower you with information. To share with you our knowledge, our nearly 60 plus years of experience. To help you make the decisions with your car and your money. We feel blessed that we make a living at what we enjoy. We acknowledge that we earn our living from someone else’s misfortune. That means we have to be responsible with what has been entrusted to us.

Knowing the above information, I want to apologize if sometimes we drop the ball. If we fail to return a phone call promptly. If we get delayed in our schedule or completion dates. I am practically a “One Man Band”  when it comes to the day to day running of a retro-modern Dallas Paint and Body Shop. I am who you are looking for when you have questions. I am the one who does the pricing. I am the one who takes the “heat” when we make a mistake.

Now, I could not do it without a great cast and supporting crew behind the scenes: Michelle is our office support staff. She is so friendly and understands what I am trying to do in a changing and evolving auto body industry. She supports me in making sure our clients feel welcomed and comforted during a difficult process. She keeps the paperwork flowing and makes sure I go to lunch when I am suppose to. Thanks Evil M 😉  Jose our detailer and painters assistant has been with me for almost 13 years. Pretty unheard of in that position. I have seen him raise a family and get a little grayer. Thank you Jose.  Our painter Oscar, has been painting cars it for over 30 years! He has one goal in mind – Make the customer happy. Make them forget the car was wrecked. He comes to work everyday, works harder than anyone I know. Thank you Oscar!  Our metal Technicians: Terry and Joel have not been with me long, but I went looking for a diverse cast of characters with unique talents and abilities. GOD Blessed me with two guys who work hard in 105* heat. Two guys who tackle each day with the client and their car as their priority. Keeping an eye on the details and my bottom line. Thank you Joel and Terry! Our facilities maintenance tech, Stephen is a life saver. He keeps everything spic and span for what is traditionally a very dirty environment. He understands a clean shop is a safe shop.Yes, I am a one man band and when I am not here, not available or out of the office, the above cast is working hard for you and me. But most of all, I could not be that one man band with out “mom.” Lorraine Wire has done a fantastic job of securing our future financially with conservative decision and an eye on the bottom line. Thank you Mom!

I just wanted you, our Loyal and New clients, to know that we appreciate you. That by choosing Hance Paint and Body (aka Hance’s Uptown Collision), that you are valuing us on the endangered species list. That you value a dying breed. That with your continued support, referrals and understanding, that we may continue to do what we enjoy. GOD Bless you and your families.

-The Leader of the Band

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Deductible Knowledge and Understanding your Policy

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Recently, we have had quite a few clients wanting to pay for repairs, caused by them, to other people vehicles. Their concerns were always about deductibles, meeting a deductible or the repair costing less than a deductible – very rare. We take the time to explain their options and how a deductible works. Generally speaking the following explanation fits a majority of policies, but you need to read yours carefully. Not all policies are the same and the following is a general discussion.

A deductible is a clause in an insurance policy that relieves the insurer of responsibility for an initial specified loss of the kind insured against; also : the amount of the loss specified in such a clause. Makes sense right? In plain English: they write a check for the repairs and you have agreed to that check being less than the total amount due by a specific agreed figure usually $500. Deductibles generally range from $0 to $1000 and any amount in between. The most common is $500. But today we are seeing many $1000 deductibles and a lot of $250 deductibles. Your insurance company has agreed to pay for your repairs up to the limits of your policy less any deductible. This generally applies to your OWN vehicle. The biggest misconception we see on a daily basis is that you are responsible for a deductible on someone else’s vehicle – You are NOT. The deductible only applies to your own vehicle. This is a general rule for consumer policies, commercial polices can be different.  If you read your consumer policy as it relates to losses to your own vehicle when it comes to a deductible, it appears next to the words “comprehensive” or “collision.”  When you file a claim on your own car it is a comprehensive or collision claim and they will pay for repairs, less the deductible  When you hit someone else it is a “liability” claim. You are liable for the damages and your insurance company will assume the cost for you. If you look at your policy, a deductible is usually not present next to the coverage amounts for liability.

It can be very confusing if you do not read insurance policies for a living or deal with them on a daily basis. We all hope that you never have to use it, but when you have an accident, the insurance is there when it is needed. Most people pay $100 a month on average to insure a modern car. You do get what you are paying for. The cheaper the insurance, the cheaper the coverage. Generally speaking the cheaper the insurance, the higher the deductible too. So when you do need that policy to fix your car, you may need to pay up to $1000 out of pocket for your repairs. The only way to save any money is to do a less than quality repair. A professional, quality facility following proper repair procedures and using the right parts, usually has no wiggle room on the repair cost and the deductible. Review your policy and coverage.  Ask your agent for assistance. Check the monthly cost for insurance with a lower deductible, you may be cheaper than you think? Feel free to contact us for further explanation or assistance on your next repair.

-Rob Mays aka Carnutdallas

How to Find a Good Collision Repair Specialist, Part 2

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

dallas tx collision repairIn our last post, we discussed the AASPs’ list of characteristics that a good collision repair specialist should have. Below are some additional items to look for when you need collision repair in Dallas, TX:

Guaranteed Repairs and Quality Parts. A quality collision repair center will have a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. Look for a shop that uses quality parts and paint products. All repairs performed at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center have a lifetime warranty on workmanship and painting.

Proper Equipment.   When you look for a collision repair center in Dallas, TX, make sure they have modern equipment and a proper paint facility. Remember, that while good equipment is important, “the best equipment in the world is only as good as the people using it.”

Past Customer Testimonials. Take the time to find and read customer testimonials. When a collision repair facility does quality work, they will have a reputation for excellence.  One satisfied customer of ours has reported: “I was so pleased with the total experience at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center…”

The Difference Between Quality and Price.  AASP reminds consumers that, “with the cost of an automobile being the second largest investment a consumer will make in a lifetime, protecting the investment is of great importance. The lowest estimate does not mean the best deal. [If] vehicles show telltale signs of the repair…the retail value of the vehicle can plummet. ” At Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we do quality collision repair in Dallas,TX for a competitive price. We write a thorough estimate so you can always know you’re getting a good value and the best possible repair for your money!

At Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, we meet and exceed the expectations for a good collision repair center. We have the equipment, experience, customer service and quality workmanship that keep our satisfied customers coming back again and again. If you need collision repair in Dallas,TX, come to Hance’s Uptown Collision Center.

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Pre-Loss Condition “What is that?”

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

We are continuing in our series of discussions regarding what is owed to you by your insurance company after a claim. I have mentioned several terms and today I am going to discuss “Pre-Loss Condition.” My understanding of this term and what I discuss with my clients and insurance companies is the “1 second” prior to the event. The “Pre-Loss” is what you had prior to any damage occurring. That one second before impact. Your car was one thing and now it is not. You are owed for what it was, not what it will be.

What it will be is a repaired vehicle. We work hard to make the outside of the car as well as the unseen items, pre-loss. We want to make you and anyone looking at the car forget that it has been repaired. This is a tough task and just about impossible, but we make every effort to “erase” the damage. We are artist in a way. Each technician is gifted at taking an object apart and putting it back together. We can work almost miracles, but we can not make it new. A used car is not new. One is not owed “NEW” but pre-loss. In some cases you may get better than what you had. For instance your bumper was scratched on the left side, but now you are getting a new bumper due to an impact on the right side. That is an added bonus! We like those!

In the end, we work hard to share with you are expertise, to give you additional knowledge and to help you feel good about your vehicle and its value after the collision and the claim.You can always ask questions and get an honest free answer. It never hurts to ask. We will always guide you to a good result for you and what is best for your car.

Until next time, we are here to make you whole and back to pre-loss condition. -R

Collision Repair and Insurance Companies – The “Whole” Truth

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Earlier I discussed a few key terms which are important when filing an insurance claim – “pre-loss” and made “whole.” These are terms which you the insured or claimant need to fully understand. I would recommend reading your policy carefully and closely when you receive it in the mail. It is the “contract” between you and your insurance company. I am not an attorney and not trying to provide legal advice, but I am sharing 20+ years of involvement with insurance companies, the collision and auto industry, as well as my direct conversations with those that appraise your vehicle. The policy/contract is what you have paid for monthly, quarterly or annually. That policy will be the document which pays for your claim and makes you “whole”. It is very specific and the insurance industry is first and foremost a business, that is required to honor that contract, but they also wrote it and influence those who enforce it. Remember that! There business is to sell policies, lots of policies and then pay out less claims then they have in “force”. The difference of policies sold and policies paid on, is their profit. They all want to keep their jobs, their company strong and their lives moving forward just like anyone else. To do that, they most control and influence the claims process. They do that in many, many different ways. They see the process differently than you or I. They are trained and influenced in a manner that supports their business. The idea of being made “whole” is not viewed the same way. Not in a negative way per se, but in a way that may not make you completely “whole.”

Like anything in life that is foreign or new to us, we are at a disadvantage. When you have been in an accident, that disadvantage can cost you thousands of dollars in lost value to you and your vehicle. The idea of being made “whole,” may involve the types of parts used in the repair of your vehicle. The labor to install those parts. The amount of time needed to complete the work to a “pre-loss” condition. They are all broken down into a dollar amount. That dollar amount is your contractual or policy reimbursement to you, the policy holder for your loss. That is the insurance companies responsibility to make you “whole” financially,  that you have purchased.

We at Hance are here to help you. To level the playing field. To give you our opinion and knowledge that you can use to help make an informed decision and negotiate with your insurance company. Our responsibility is to conduct ourselves ethically, to honor our relationships with you, our clients and with the insurance companies who respect our workmanship. We enjoy the dynamic of being the facilitator with the insurance company.  To help bridge the relationship with you and your insurance company. If you drive a car, you will most likely need our services one day and when you do, know that we understand our role. That we are here for you. To teach you what we can do and what you can ask for. To share with you our goal to make you “whole.”

Next time I will delve into “pre-loss” condition and what that means, as we see it and how insurance companies see it. Until then, Happy and safe motoring. -Rob aka Car Nut Dallas

6 Steps to Collision Repair in Dallas TX: Step 2 Vehicle Check-In

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Part of our 6 step series we take in repairing your car. This info is available on our website under  “Did you Know” and is a critical process in returning your car to its “pre-loss” condition. Next week Step #3. -Rob

Step #2: Vehicle Check-In

Next, we will “check your car in.”  This process involves verifying the VIN number, mileage, and the license plate number.  We then make a full video recording of your vehicle to document the damage as well as unrelated dents, dings, and scratches that are present prior to Hance working on the car.

When we finish your repairs and clean the car for delivery, it generally looks fantastic and the most subtle of old blemishes may look new to you, when in fact they were already on the car.  In the unlikely event that damage should occur to your car while in our care, we assure you that it will be remedied.

Oh Snap! I just had an Accident!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Just had an accident? That pole moved in front of you? Your neighbor cannot park and left their mark on your ride. Not anything you really want to deal with, but that is o.k. We at Hance’s are here to help you navigate through the claims process.

Each week, I will be posting the steps we take to return your car to its pre-loss condition. Last week we posted drop off step #1. Next week we will share step #2 “Vehicle check-in.” This is the process we have fine tuned after nearly 60 years at the same location and 20 years of current management. We will also share some terminology, such as: the term “pre-loss” is an insurance term and the standard by which you are to be made “whole” by your insurance provider. Buying insurance is one thing, but when you actually need to make a claim that is where you get what you pay for. We are here to make sure you get the best service from us and from your provider.

In the future I will share some insight and try help you become “whole” and return your car to it’s “pre-loss” condition. -Rob aka CAR NUT DALLAS

6 Steps to Collision Repair in Dallas TX: Step 1 Vehicle Drop Off

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Step #1 Vehicle Drop Off.
Upon arrival at our facility, the first step is to complete the drop off agreement form which allows us to collect your contact information, negotiate with the insurance company, and begin repairs on your vehicle. If needed, we will also assist you in securing a rental car at this time. We will provide you the best guess estimate as to a completion time, but please keep in mind that many factors can affect the date of completion.As a general guideline, most small repairs take 3-5 working days and a large collision can take a month or more. This does not account for delays in receiving parts, insurance issues, or highly difficult repairs. Completing work quickly is important to all parties, but most important is a proper and safe repair that returns your vehicle to its pre-loss state. We have been operating at a highly efficient manner for our small location for nearly 60 years!

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