Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

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Looking For A Collision Center Dallas TX?

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

collision center Dallas TX

Getting your car back up and running after an accident is one of your main goals. When you have a collision repair shop who has the same goals as you it makes for a quicker and easier process! Hance Paint and Body has prided itself on great, fast service for over 60 years! That is a reputation that you can trust for a collision center Dallas TX. Call us today at 214-666-5291 or visit us online at For the best in collision repair choose Hance Paint and Body! We will provide the best service and get your car back up and running.

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Collision Repair Shop Dallas TX: Get Collision Repair You Can Trust

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXThere’s no such thing as a planned car accident.  For most of us, we don’t ever think we’ll need the help of a collision repair shop in Dallas TX; but sometimes accidents do happen and it helps to have a reliable shop to call.   In fact, the longer you drive, the more likely it is that someone will run into you or that you might run into someone else.  When that happens, call us at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center at (214) 666-5291.  At Hance’s, we’ve been fixing cars in the Dallas area for over 60 years and we’d like the chance to become your trusted collision repair shop in Dallas TX.  Visit us online at [osky-citation keyword= ‘Collision Repair Shop Dallas TX’]

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Collision Repair Shop Dallas TX: Odds Say You’ll Need One Someday

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXNo one wants to think about needing a collision repair shop in Dallas TX to help them after an accident, but the odds and statistics say at some point in time most of us will have to find one. In 2014 there were 43.052 crashes just in Dallas County so the probability of you needing some help with your car repair is pretty high.  At Hance Paint and Body, we take caring for our customers seriously.  Here are some ways we can help:

  • We file your insurance claim for you
  • We make sure repairs are done correctly the first time
  • We will leave you happy: customer service is our #1 priority

Call us today at 214-666-5291 or visit us online at

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Collision Repair Shop Dallas TX: Make A Plan For Worst Case Scenario

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXMost drivers don’t plan on ever needing a collision repair shop in Dallas TX, but in all likelihood everyone will have at least one accident in their lifetime.  When you do, you want to have a plan.  That plan should include the great team at Hance Paint and Body in Dallas, TX.  We can help you get your car repaired quickly and with the right parts as well as help you file your insurance claim to get your settlement done well.  Don’t wait until it happens to have a plan, get all the information now regarding the best collision repair shop in Dallas TX.  Call (214) 666-5291.

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Collision Repair Shop In Dallas TX: Great Car Repair Takes Time

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Collision Repair Shop Dallas TXNobody wants to have an accident but when you do, you need to find the best collision repair shop in Dallas TX to put your car back together again.  And even though you need to have your car repaired as quickly as possible, it may take a while to have the work done the right way the first time.  When you get the help of a great collision repair shop in Dallas TX like Hance’s Uptown Collision Center, you can be sure that we won’t rush your repair – we’ll get every detail of your repair right so you won’t have to bring it back to us.  Call us at (214) 666-5291 or visit us at to find out more.

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Collision Center Dallas TX: Taking Care of You and Your Car

Friday, August 1st, 2014

collision center dallas txWhen you’ve been in an accident and need the help of a collision center Dallas TX shop, you should turn to Hance’s Uptown Paint and Body to take care of you and your car.  We deliver excellent service for both collision repairs and the standard repairs that you need.  Call us today to get started at (214) 666-5291.  When you use Hance’s Uptown Paint & Body, we not only want to make sure your car is taken care of properly, but you as well.  Our customers mean the world to us and we want you to know we care.  That’s why we’ve been successful in business so long and plan to stay that way.

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Hance’s Collision Center Dallas: A Smart Move To Get The Best Service Around

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Dallas, TexasAt our collision center Dallas, we don’t just try to do a good job, we work to do the best job. In other words, we are committed to making every customer’s experience a positive one that will keep them coming back whenever they are in need of collision repairs. Each member of our staff is ready to help you with anything you may need. Our dedication to this cause has paid off, as our customer reviews show just how pleased they have been with our work. We will do the same for you. If you are in need of services from the best collision center in Dallas, look no further than Hance’s Uptown Collision Center! Call us today at 214-666-5291 or stop on by at 4829 McKinney Ave.

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At Our Collision Center Dallas Facility, Our Customers Are At The Top Of Our Priority List

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Dallas, TexasHere at our collision center Dallas shop, our first priority is to serve our customers. In many cases, insurance companies and collision centers will team up, which means any individual with a claim will be sent to these centers. However, at our shop, we don’t work that way. We have chosen not to work with insurance agents, because our top priority is our customer. We want to ensure that you are taken care of, and that your vehicle is restored to its pre-loss condition. Here at Hance’s, you can trust that your needs will be seen to first. For more information, call our collision center staff in Dallas at 214-666-5291 or visit us at 4829 McKinney Ave.

Hance Auto Body Shop in Dallas: Superior Car Repair and Customer Care

Monday, March 17th, 2014

auto body shop DallasWhen you are in a collision, your peace of mind can be just as damaged as your car. You’ve been in a wreck, and your car might need expensive repairs. You need to go to an auto body shop in Dallas where you can be assured of professionalism and consideration while your car is being repaired. Not only can you depend on honesty and integrity, but good auto repair staff can also help make sure that you are not paying more than you have to pay. Customer care should be a high priority, and Hance Auto Body Shop in Dallas makes it their top priority.

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Selecting a Body Shop and Steering

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

What you should know and are not being told by that Gecko or Flo

So you have had in accident with your car in Dallas Texas or surrounding community, now what? First thing you do is call your insurance company to begin the claims process, to start your road back to automotive recovery. That silly Gecko and Flo act like they are your best friends and life and auto collision repair is so easy. We can get you back on the road and make life easy. Well guess what, they are not being completely honest. Not a single insurance company is being honest. And for that matter many collision centers and body shops in Dallas, Texas are not being honest either. They are wanting to lead you down a golden path and money saving tools for them, that leave you and your vehicle short changed. Their business model is to collect premiums and pay out very little in claims. They implement a process and procedure designed to save them money. Money and repair processes owed to you. A proper repair with new parts and a pre-loss condition result. They do this they say to save you money. But why is it when you have a claim, they raise your rates. Why is it that when they use these Concierge and Express programs, they never give you a refund?

Most “independent” shops are different and for good reason. We do not get in bed with insurance companies. We do not let them dictate the process and the results. We are an advocate for the consumer. I personally count it as a blessing to fix cars and help people. We do it, day in an day out many times at no financial gain; by just talking and sharing our experience and knowledge at no charge. Our advice is always free! We do it to help you through a process that is foreign and not an everyday affair to have your car fixed after an accident. We do it, because we truly want what is best for you. And the strangest part is that if the free market was really at work and everyone paid out of pocket for repairs and no insurance was involved, the chain stores would be out of business. The quality of work alone would be enough to close their doors!

What is important to know is that “steering” is illegal. An insurance company should not tell you that by going to any shop you choose, it will be a negative. To say a shop is “not on the program” or not preferred should be of no consequence. You tell them where you are going and who you want them to work with, end of story! They have a right to inspect the vehicle prior to any work being done or any claims being paid. Under the law, they only have so many days to look at the car. They must respond to your desire. There is a tremendous amount of “gray” to this conversation and information that could fill volumes of books. But in the end, you have a consumer bill of rights, you have choices and you should know that any independent auto body shop you choose, have your best interest in mind. We do at Hance’s. We give you options and information. The most important thing you can have when it come to your car and you! -Rob aka Car Nut Dallas

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