Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

Contact us about our Mobile estimating APP – No need to always come in, now we can send you a link and get a preliminary estimate from your house!

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7 Things That Can Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job

There’s nothing like that new shine of a paint job on your car. Whether fresh from the dealer’s lot or the autobody shop, a fresh coat of paint signals pride in your vehicle — a pride you’d like to keep for as long as possible. However, there are many environmental effects that are working against your car:
1. Bugs and Bird Droppings: While there’s really nothing you can do about bugs smashing onto your hood or bird droppings down the side of the door, there is something you can do after the fact that will save your paint job. Rather than let the evidence sit there, hoping a good rain storm will rinse them away, you need to wash them off as soon as you notice them. That’s because bugs and bird droppings tend to be very acidic and will eat away at the paint if left there to fester. Be gentle and don’t scrub with abrasives.

2. Road Debris: This is a big offender — yet another one you can’t prevent from happening. Just driving on the street can kick up small pebbles, dirt and salt (in wintry regions) that can pit your paint job. Clean your vehicle often but again, don’t scrub. Those little bits of dirt will cause unsightly scratches. Salt placed on roadways to keep snowy and icy conditions at bay can eat away at your paint and cause corrosion.

3. Construction Debris: You always wince as you head through a construction zone, hearing all that dust, gravel and asphalt peppering the underside of your car and bumper. Avoid these construction zones if you can, and certainly don’t park near any of them. The dust kicked up by these areas can settle on your car and dull its sheen. Take your car to the car wash if you inadvertently drive through a construction zone.

4. Gas: Most of us are in a hurry when filling up with gas. However, those drops and spills down the side of your car as you take out the hose can be a killer for your vehicle’s paint job. Once it has set in, a gas stain is very hard to get off later. If you spill, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it away immediately.

5. Sprinklers: Parking near a sprinkler may sound harmless (hey, whose car couldn’t use a natural bath once in a while?). However, the water spots left by those sprinklers have minerals in them that, when dried by the sun, can leave random spots that are hard to get off.

6. Writing: Your kids may think it’s funny to write “Wash me” on your car, but this can cause damage to your paint job. That’s because dirt is like sandpaper and has the same effect on your shiny new paint job.

7. Coffee: We’ve all driven off with a cup of coffee on the roof at least once in our lives. However, those coffee stains can be a detriment to your paint job. Since coffee (and other beverages such as soda) is acidic, this can hurt your car’s finish so wash it off as soon as you can, advises DriverSide. If there’s sugar in your coffee, that’s even worse because it leaves a sticky residue.


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Auto Shops Dallas TX: Bring Any Car In For Repair!

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Auto shops Dallas TXSo your car has been in a wreck? Bring it into one of Hance’s auto shops in Dallas TX for a great repair! No matter what make or model of car you have, and no matter what kind of damage it has sustained, you can count on the family at Hance Auto to get it straightened out, figuratively and literally. With winter coming to an end, you should think about the damages your car may have sustained during the cold months. Bring it into one of Hance’s auto shops in Dallas TX for a close inspection. For more information, call Hance today at 214-666-5291!

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Auto Shops In Dallas TX: Stay In Touch With Your Insurance Company

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Auto Shops Dallas TXWhen you have an accident and your car is damaged, your first thought should be to get it to one of the best auto shops in Dallas TX, Hance’s Uptown Collision Center.  After that, you also have to worry about whether or not your insurance company will pay for repairs.  Most insurance companies have great customer service and they want to do their part; but they can get bogged down with cases so always be sure to keep in touch with your insurance company to make sure they’re taking care of your repair at one of the best auto shops in Dallas TX.   Call Hance’s Uptown Collision Center at (214) 666-5291 or visit to find out more about us.

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Collision Center Dallas TX: A Service That Works for You and Not Your Insurance Company

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Collision center Dallas TxWhat is the first thing you need to do after you have an accident? You need to get help from a collision center in Dallas TX and get in contact with your insurance company. These two things should be part of the process that lead to you getting your car fixed, or you getting new car as the case may be. But you want those two groups to work together to expedite the process and ensure that you get the best possible deal. When you contact Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas TX at 214-666-5291, you can be sure that they will work with your insurance company to benefit you!

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How a Dallas Collision Center Can Fix Your Paint

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

collision center Dallas TXWhen you’re choosing a collision center Dallas TX to fix your car after an accident, you need to find someone who can match your paint. So many of the paint jobs today are unique, with special colors of paint that are exclusive to the specific brand and variety of car. When you get your paint job fixed after an accident, you want to match that kind of paint so you car looks like nothing happened. To make sure that you get the best repair job and paint job possible, you want to find a collision center Dallas TX that cares about matching your paint and making your car look like new. That place is Hance’s Uptown where we take care of you and your car!

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Collision Center In Dallas, TX: Do You Have Valet Damage To Your Car?

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

collision center Dallas TXHave you ever gone out to dinner and handed your car over to the valet service only to get it back with a mysterious scrape or dent that wasn’t there before?  At Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas, TX, we know proving who bumped, dented or scratched your car is hard so we recommend that when you get out of your car in the valet area, you walk around it and take pictures of it with your cell phone.  And when they return the car to you, walk around it again and take more pictures so that you have before and after photos.  If you need help with valet damage, call us at Hance’s Uptown Collision Center in Dallas, TX at 214-666-5291.
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